Roulette Strategy: The King Of Easy Casino Games

With the possible exception of slots, online casino games don't get much easier or widely popular than virtual Roulette.

It's an extremely simple game of the most pure chance any casino game has to offer, but with a reasonably low edge to the house: a wheel with alternating red and black tiles, each with a number, goes for a spin and a small ball is tossed into its center. Players can bet on the number it lands on, the color, or for the bold, the exact combination. It holds an appeal to players of all profiles and walks of life because it's such a fast, simple play either online or in real casino.


Believe it or not, even for such an uncomplicated game, there are a couple variations of Roulette strategies on - for both European Roulette and American Roulette.

Allow us to be honest: American Roulette is never worth the bother to play as an online casino game or in person - not with real money on the line, anyway. The American Roulette wheel actually includes two zeros, and they add absolutely nothing to the game. They do decrease your odds of winning, though. Unless you just happen to like to live dangerously, there's no material whatsoever to play an online Roulette game besides the European style.

There's also an odd sort of proposition bet that can become costly in some games called the "en prison" rule. If the ball lands on zero on an even-money bet, the only way to win your money back after it is "imprisoned" is to win your original bet on the next spin. Sound fair? Yeah, not to us, either.


This one sense in which online casino games don't differ at all from the real deal: you will not systematically "beat the game".

That's really the beauty of it. One player after another has tried some elaborate, carefully calculated system that "can't miss". Rest assured, it missed. Roulette strategy comes down to a leap of faith. Only walking away with a hot streak intact beats it once and for all. The best we can say is that reading up on the different rules and betting systems that various tables employ may save you from making imprudent bets on side-action that has little or no chance of paying off.

Plus, while many casino games have no certain strategy to come out ahead every time, walking into any game with no understanding of either how you win or at least how to not-lose is a bona fide blueprint for failure and empty pockets.


Finally, let's discuss a quick, simple way to tilt the odds slightly in your favour. It takes no thought at all, actually: just be careful which sites you sign up for in the first place. The ones worth playing will actually float you a little extra action to get you to the table after a deposit.

As an online game, Roulette is always best played with bonuses at stake. It's practically par for the course among premiere online casino to extend new players a sign-up bonus when playing for real money. When you can work toward a monetary bonus, the idea is that you're earning money with each spin. It builds your odds of turning a profit by cutting meaningfully into the house's edge. Throw a few cents on the pass line and have at it.

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